I’m starting to pack today. I’m putting away all of the things that I want to take with me when I go. Knick-knacks and other insignificant trinkets.

Unfortunately, my biggest essential is going to be left behind. I could leave without my dresses and my shoes - buy new ones in the shops within the town. I could leave my blankets and pillows to find others in a bargain store.

When I settle into the four walls I’ll be calling home, I can set flowers to brighten the room. That’ll be enough for me, I tell myself.

But for the life of me I cannot replicate or buy your touch, the warmth of your skin, the freckles on your face, the kiss from your mouth, the breath from your lungs, the gold in your eyes, the life in your body, the love that you have so carefully placed in my veins;

The one thing I need the most has to be left behind. Now how is someone to survive without that? When I am given something so sweet, how am I to settle for the bitter taste of loneliness?

While you’re hundreds of miles away.